Mom Under Pressure


When Everything Goes South

It was a typical Tuesday for me....went to work, picked up Shay from daycare, came home, went through the regular battle over him not wanting dinner, only wanting to watch Santa videos, etc. No big deal, right? Besides the fact that it's the end of February and Christmas music is still blaring at our house everything seemed right on track.
So I started dinner in the Instant Pot. You guys know I love my Instant Pot, and am always trying to give you recipes for this magical piece of kitchen equipment! I had high hopes for a pasta dish with chicken and spinach. Really, how could I mess this up? 

I dumped the chicken breasts in the pot, added seasonings, water, and bam...12 minutes later had tender cooked chicken that I was easily able to pull apart. Things were looking good.  I added a whole pound of brown rice pasta to the pot, a jar of this Tuscan pepper pasta sauce that I love, extra water to cook the pasta, and some spices to give it that Mom Under Pressure feel (garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, oregano). I even took pictures of all the ingredients to post because I was certain this was a winner. 

Meanwhile, Shay Bear needed my attention and wasn't getting it so had a hay day in the living room. I hadn't actually noticed that until later, but not unusual. Taking out toys, and markers, and playing cards, and puzzle pieces are a toddler's job, I guess. 


He came over to me while I was cleaning up the kitchen, and asked for popcorn. So I made a bag, let it cool, and gave it to him in a bowl. For some reason the bowl that he got wasn't the right one so it began. In a matter of seconds we had a happy, independent 2 year old Frankenstein into a screaming, raging, inconsolable toddler. I can totally deal with #ShayCray, but he threw popcorn all over the kitchen floor, and then proceeded to roll over it with his toy car! When I got the vacuum he began to bawl even louder. Then ran over to pull the Instant Pot plug out of the socket! I absolutely freaking lost it, and grabbed him before this massive 8 qt rock full of hot pasta came tumbling down on his head. Side note: popcorn does not vacuum easily! 

Eventually, we both calmed down and I was able to convince him to take a bath. By then the pasta was also done. Thank goodness...I was starving! So while he was splashing away in the bathroom I added the chopped spinach, diced chicken, and tasted this masterpiece. 

Uhhhh, WTF?! The sauce was super thick and gummy--I'm assuming from all the starch the brown-rice pasta released-- and the pasta was falling apart. It tasted decent, and the chicken was great, but what in the world went wrong with this method? I've never actually made pasta in the IP, and I've never used brown-rice pasta before SO probably shouldn't have attempted this in the first place. 

I tried to salvage the pasta after getting Shay to bed, but by that time I was over it. Too many mom-fails to count for the night. If anyone has suggestions on how to make pasta in the IP please let me know. I did 9 minutes on Manual and then quick release. I could also use suggestions on how to be a rockstar parent, but you can save those for when I want to hear them ;). JK! Love you all! 

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