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European Taste Experience from the French Food and Drink Federation

French Food and Drink

As a working mother who has a passion for all things food I have bought my fair share of packaged products to help me create unique dishes at home. Whether that's for dinner with my family, to entertain guests, an additional item for a party we are attending, or as gifts!

Normally I venture to the international cheese aisle at the grocery store where they keep more than just cheese, a gourmet retailer that is local to me, or shop online. But often I can't quite complete the idea that's in my head because it's hard to find just what I'm looking for-- specifically when it comes to specialty items found overseas. If you've run into this problem I suggest looking into these cute food boxes from The French Food & Beverage Federation!  You get a variety of classic food items, snacks, and even beverages delivered straight to your door! They make a great themed gift for the foodies in your life, or give you the opportunity to discover European flavors right at home.

The box that I received had an assortment of French items that are perfect for putting together a fabulous charcuterie board, and then a few treats for me and my family! 

I especially love the Elixia lemonade which is a perfect mixer for a non-alcoholic spritzer with berries, or to use in a cocktail.  It's fizzy and fresh with just a hint of sweetness from cane sugar.The violet mints remind me of what my grandmother would carry in her purse. A subtle floral note to the mints make them quite addicting. The Carambar candies are my son's favorite! These are rich caramel chews that are slightly nutty and melt in your mouth; plus they are individually wrapped so I can just give him one to satisfy his sweet tooth! The pork pate has black peppercorns for a nice spice that works well with the Favols marmalade made with apricots, almond, and orange. YUM!!You're able to incorporate some of the ingredients in your cooking as well. Like the sardines preserved in olive oil which are delicious eaten as is, or can be used make a flavorful salad dressing. There's something for everyone. it truly is a European Taste Experience like no other. 

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